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ONYX Collection Reed Diffusers

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The ONYX collection.

Whether you prefer sweet, musky and strong fragrances. There is something for you in our ONYX collection.

Each diffuser is housed in an externally matte black vessel, 7 high-quality black fibre reed sticks and  110ml of the finest quality reed diffuser solution and fragrance oils.

We recommend using 4 reed sticks for small rooms, and 2 reed diffusers for larger rooms.

Each diffuser will gently fill your room with beautiful and luxurious fragrances for 3-5 months. We recommend that you wear gloves or some form of hand protection. Firstly, you remove the safety cap, and reattach the diffuser lid. Get your desired amount of fibre sticks and completely dip them into your diffuser solution. Once saturated, flip the infused reeds and insert them back into the bottle. Now the fun part, clean your hands and place your diffuser in your favourite spot in your space. It will take 24-48 hours for the reeds to fully absorb the solution and to fill your space with fragrance. 
We also recommend the use of 2 or more diffusers if you have a large space to ensure the space is filled with fragrance. 1 reed diffuser is ideal for a small to medium-sized room.
Diffuser tips: Flip your reeds every 7-10 days to refresh the scent throw. Rotating your reeds regularly will ensure they last longer and reduce the risk of clogging.

Our diffuser bottles are recyclable and can be used in so many different ways. Check our blog for ideas on how to reuse your candle jar and follow our social media to see what we do.

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