Wondering How To Reuse Your Candle Jar? 🕯

Store your wax melts 💡

Have you got lots of wax melts and want to show them off? You can store your wax melts in your freshly cleaned candle jar.

Add a tea light ✨

Put a tea light or a votive candle into the candle jar to create a beautiful effect. You can spice things up painting on the jar with heat resistant paint.

Liquor Glasses 👀

Our jars are think and very similar to whiskey glasses.

WFH? Need a stationery holder? 🖊

These candle jars make great pen, pencil and stationery holders.

Spare change 💰

Leave an empty jar by the front door or on your dresser to drop your spare change into without losing it. Then once a month count your change, roll it and take it to the bank or buy yourself a little treat!

Planter 🌱

Use a jar as a planter for a small cactus or succulent. It will create a nice home for it and look great on a window sill or table.

Toiletries 💊

Is your medicine cabinet or bathroom counter a disaster zone? Quickly organize it and make it look really officials by designating a jar for cotton swabs, one for cotton pads or cotton balls and one for your manicuring items like scissors, nail clippers and tweezers.

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